Children's Ministry

"Let the little children come..."  ~Jesus

Kids are precious to God and they are precious to us. It is Eastgate's purpose to create a place where children not only learn about Jesus but, more than that, they get to know Jesus as they have fun with each other.

To do this, the Eastgate Children's Ministry Team intentionally leads our faith community in programs and events that connect families and kids with each other and with God through Sabbath Schools, kid-focused vespers, Vacation Bible School, Family Movie nights, and many other exciting and meaningful events.

You are welcome to have your family join in on any of these events and keep an eye on the church calendar and facebook page for updates from our children's ministry team!


Children's Sabbath Schools begin each Sabbath at 9:30. We offer age-appropriate classes for every child:

Beginners: 0-3

Kindergarten: 4-6

Primary: 7-9

Juniors: 10-12

Earliteen/Youth: 13-16

Each group is organized and led by caring, energetic staff who desire to help kids know Jesus and have fun together.


*All Eastgate children's ministry team members have regular background checks. We prioritize the safety of your child.