Q. Where is the Eastgate Church?

A. 380 N Tausick Way in Walla Walla, Wa
Just down the street from Walla Walla Community College


Q. What should I wear to worship on Saturday?

A. Whatever you are most comfortable in. What you wear isn't nearly as important as choosing to connect with God and His people!


Q. Do I have to be Adventist to worship at Eastgate?

A. No matter your faith background you are welcome to worship with Eastgate!


Q. What if my kids make some noise during church?

A. Jesus loves children and kids are always welcome in His presence. We know that kids sometimes make noise and that's OK! We're just glad they're a part of the church family!


Q. I want to bring my baby but what if she needs a nap during church?

A. If a baby and mom want a quiet, still place to nurse or nap we have a nursery where moms can still see and hear the service while finding the privacy and lower lighting she might want.


Q. Why do children stay with their families during the worship service?

A. We believe that corporate worship is a space in time where families can be blessed worshipping together. Through their example parents can show children that worship and the faith community are important and a priority.
Jesus, during His ministry, never excluded children but, instead, emphasized that kids were essential to understand God's love for us.
It is our hope that all members of your family will be blessed, engaged, and inspired by worshipping together at Eastgate.


Q. What do you do to keep kids safe at church?

A. We take children's safety very seriously. 
We are in a constant process of keeping our children's ministers' background checks and training up to date. We also make sure we have appropriate numbers of leaders with our kids at all times. 
During the worship service we have deacons overseeing the building, making sure all things are secure.

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